A list of my accomplishments



[3] California Institute of Technology [caltech] (Pasadena, California)

Sep 2017 -- Today •  Current

  • Pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering within the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Advised by Professor Lior Pachter in the CMS/Biological Engineering Department
  • Committee members include: Professor Morteza Gharib, Professor Tim Colonius, Professor Sergio Pellegrino

[2] Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Sep 2013 -- June 2017 •  4 yrs

  • Awarded a double Bachelors of Science (BSc) degree in Mechanical Engineering [Course 2] and a Mathematics [Course 18] with a concentration in Spanish
  • Performed undergraduate research under Professor Evelyn Wang, Professor Pierre Lermusiaux, and visiting professor from Georgia Tech Professor Baratunde Cola
  • Extracurricular positions include President of MIT-ASME, Founder of the Tea with Teachers Initiative, Career Fair Director for xFair 2016, member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and member of the MIT Formula One team

[1] Wellington Community high school (Wellington, florida)

Sep 2010 -- June 2013 •  3 yrs

  • Awarded a high school diploma as the Valedictorian (out of 600 students)
  • Took every AP class offered 
  • Active member of the debate team, competed nationally in Public Forum Debate
  • President of the Spanish Honor Society, member of the National Honor Society, and member of Key club

Research Experience


[3] Pachter Lab (Pasadena, California)

Dec 2017 -- Today •  Current

  • Developed low-cost open-sourced microfluidics pumps, microscope, and software for cheap and scalable single-cell sequencing
  • Validated pump quality by producing mono-dispersed emulsions of flourinated oil and water, journal submission in progress

[2] Device Research Lab [DRL] (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Feb 2016 -- June 2017 •  1 yr 5 mos

  • Ideated, designed, and fabricated a thermo-electrochemical generator that convects heat and generates power from waste-heat
  • Developed COMSOL simulations and mathematical models to theoretically predict power output of the device
  • Successfully submitted a provisional patent on the device design through MIT and Georgia Tech

[1] Multidisciplinary simulations, estimation, and assimilation systems lab [MSEAS] (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Jan 2015 -- May 2015 •  5 mos

  • Studied and researched mathematical models in order to dictate time-optimal paths of subsurface vehicles
  • Simulated time-dependent fluid flows past immovable obstacles using MATLAB, to study oceanic flows

Work Experience


[7] Eaton Corporation (Southfield, Michigan)

June 2017 -- Sep 2017 •  4 mos

  • Developed MATLAB code to simulate direct contact immiscible fluid mixing and heat transfer
  • Demonstrated order of magnitude improvement in heat transfer compared to traditional heat exchangers
  • Awarded $300k High Performance Computing for Manufacturing grant from Lawrence Livermore National Lab

[6] Nikon Research Corporation of America (Belmont, California)

Jan 2017 -- Feb 2017 •  1 mos

  • Designed and implemented a control system, GUI, and accessory parts to apply and monitor biaxial tension in thin films
  • Outcomes include improved accuracy and stability in acquired data & estimated cost savings of $40,000 per unit

[5] Gelber Group LLC (Chicago, Illinois)

Jan 2016 -- Feb 2016 •  1 mos

  • Participated in new hire training program and traded FX on live simulator
  • Developed and back-tested an after hours Dow Index prediction model, to accurately and successfully execute Dow Futures trades overnight

[4] W.L. Gore & Associates (Elkton, Maryland)

June 2015 -- Aug 2015 •  3 mos

  • Designed and implemented a control system, GUI, and accessory parts to apply and monitor biaxial tension in thin films, specifically Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Outcomes include improved accuracy and stability in acquired data & estimated cost savings of $40,000 per unit

[3] N12 Technologies, Inc (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

June 2014 -- Sep 2014 •  4 mos

  • Designed, fabricated, and assembled a web-handling system for continuous carbon nanotube (CCNT) growth
  • Designed and implemented a rubber extrusion ribbon as a viable long-term CCNT storage system
  • Designed, fabricated, and assembled a CCNT transfer assembly for CCNT transfer from steel to resin medium

[2] US Army Corps of Engineers (Waltham, Massachusetts)

July 2012 -- Aug 2012 •  2 mos

  • Conducted research on commercial motor vehicles and driver distraction, including cell phone distraction
  • Modeled the effectiveness of policy for distracted driving and commercial vehicle accidents

[1] Global Engineering Scientific Solutions (West Palm Beach, Florida)

June 2011 -- Sep 2013 •  2 yrs 3 mos

  • Performed field investigation of various types of loss evaluations, topics including: Deformation of Ladders due to External Forces, Stress Analysis, Study of Vehicular Kinematics of Motion, Product Failure Analysis
  • Assisted in stress and failure analysis of a ladder and determined failure modes under different constraints



[7] Techstock (Pasadena, California)

April 2018 -- May 2018 • 1 mos

  • Techstock is a music and arts festival held for Caltech and JPL students, faculty, staff, and employees
  • Role: organizer, website developer, director
  • Employed online media campaigns, website and social media, to market the event
  • Worked with Soylent to sponsor the event with 600 bottles of free product

[6] Caltech Letters (Pasadena, California)

Jan 2018 -- April 2018 • 3 mos

  • Caltech Letters is a online publication where we help members of the Caltech community communicate and promote their research
  • Role: director of fund raising
  • Raised $2000 to promote the website through social media platforms and to develop the brand with "swag" 

[5] Biosciences Night (Pasadena, California)

Jan. 2016 -- Feb. 2016 • 1 mos

  • The event was an evening of socializing and idea generating among Caltech's finest scientists and engineers
  • Role: director of fund raising, the website for the event can be found here
  • Worked with local business to sponsor the event, Jimmy Johns sent us free sandwiches for the event and Bioscience tech companies sponsored drinks

[4] Tea with Teachers (CambridgeMassachusetts)

Nov. 2016 -- Sept. 2017 • 11 mos

  • Tea with Teachers is a collaborative student-driven video series that aims to connect students with faculty members they otherwise might have been too timid to approach, to engage in STEM research
  • Role: I founded the project, built a team, and developed a process for performing video recorded interviews of MIT professors, posted online
  • We conduct and film casual interviews of MIT professors over tea and cookies and actively disseminate the videos to groups at MIT and local high schools
  • Built and maintain http://www.teawithteachers.com/
  • Awarded upwards of $18,000 in funding to further improve the project

[3] xFair Spring Career Fair (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Sept. 2015 -- Feb . 2016 • 6 mos

  • xFair is MIT's spring career fair held every year and organized by
  • Role: director of Corporate Relations, Fair Co-Organizer
  • Effectively led a team of 10 to communicate with and invite over 300 companies to xFair 2016
  • Managed the team by distributing work with respect to emailing, calling, and maintaining relations with companies

[2] FSAE Team (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Feb '14 -- March '14 • 2 mos

  • Member of a team that developed and improved vehicles for the intercollegiate Formula 1 auto-race
  • Utilized machine shop tools to fabricate parts, such as suspension rods, brake assemblies and steel disk brakes

[1] MIT American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

'14, '15, '16, '17

  • Teacher Assistant for a week long SolidWorks Class to undergraduates at MIT
  • Hosted Mechanical Engineering students from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico, for an exchange program

Volunteer Experience


[3] Boston Athletic Association: Boston Marathon (Boston, Massachusetts)

April '14, '15, '16, '17

  • Set up a water station for runners and handed out water during the race
  • Cleaned up post-event trash

[2] Red sox: Green Team (Boston, Massachusetts)

Oct 2013

  • Collected cans, cups, and other recyclable material during the game world series games

[1] Kappa Sigma Fraternity: Nearly Naked Nearly Mile (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

April '14, '16

  • Organized the Nearly Naked Nearly Mile to raise clothing donations for the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter


Awards & Honors


  1. 2017 Caltech Knapp Fellowship Recipient
  2. 2017 Gem Fellowship Recipient
  3. Passed Fundamentals of Engineering Exam --> Certified Engineer in Training (EIT)
  4. 2016 Best Engineering Poster at SACNAS Conference
  5. 2016 Mechanical Engineering Departmental Service Award
  6. Valedictorian of Wellington High School
  7. Placed 8th at UPenn National Debate Tournament


Skills & Languages


Computer Programs: Fusion 360, NX, Solidworks, AutoCAD, MasterCam, Adobe Suite (esp. Photoshop & Lightroom)

Tools & Machines: CNC Mill, Shop tools, Instron Testing, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Woodworking

Languages: Spanish (Conversational), MATLAB, Mathematica, Python, LATEX, Bash, Arduino, HTML/CSS

Fun: Tea Making, Licensed Boater, Cycling, Photography, Ping Pong